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Instaforex VPS = Cheap Forex VPS


Forex VPS Review

Instaforex now offering cheap forex vps start from $3 per month or even free of charge for instaforex clients who deposit >5000usd. This instaforex vps one of best and stable vps that i’ve used until now. 99% server uptime. High specification, stable, secure and fast server. This instaforex vps can compare with another commercial vps hosting in the internet.
Forex VPS is very important for forex traders that using expert advisors because all of forex expert advisor need a good works to run expert advisor logic 24/7 without any interrupted internet connection.

Easy Way To Deposit Instantly To Many Account Using Instawallet


Instawallet can make all deposit task is very easy and very fast enough. This great feature from instaforex provides is very safe because using ssl security. Instawallet system allows instaforex client to send money to another account.

instawallet_reviewEvery instaforex client can transfer their funds using internal transfer via instawallet system. It means every instaforex clients can transfer between trading accounts number. But before using instawallet system, instaforex client have to activated instawallet system from their client cabinet. Here’s step by step actication of instawallet system : ๐Ÿ˜‰

Best Automated Forex Trading Software In The World

automated_forex_tradingForex automated trading software well known as a forex expert advisor or many people call this name with forex ea or forex robot. This automatic forex trading software usually installed in Virtual Private Server [VPS] so this software will trading in your metatrader account 24/5 with specific setting from specific strategy. You can test first your best forex robot in your demo account first in your notebook so then we can see how performance of forex expert advisor before trading with real money on forex vps. My recommendation using virtual private server provider from CNS or FXVM. This both forex vps provider are very good and fast response and for sure have a professional service in all department. Commercial Network Service and FXVM have a very good review in many forex forums. They provide a fast support and their servers never down. So it would be safe to run automated forex trading software.

Forex Trading Strategy Is A Must For Every Forex Traders

Profitable Forex Strategy

Forex trading strategy are like a gun for forex traders. Forex market is uncertain world because there is many player in forex market. Even the forex brokers it self trade their money in forex market. Almost 98% forex traders loss their money because using only gambling or feeling. Because of this, sometimes forex industry have bad reputation from online making money. Forex market have knowledge it self, so that why we as professional forex traders have to learn and practice each forex strategies and finally found favorite forex strategy to earn some money with consistent.

Identifying Some Forex Candlestick Patterns

All forex traders in the world knows that forex candlestick patterns still one of best shoot become domination on forex technical analysis. In forex trading world, forex candlestick pattern is very important to analyze from market probability. This article will share about some forex candlestick patterns. Even for kind of master forex traders, forex candlestick patterns still never forgotten. Here some pictures of forex candlestick pattern : ๐Ÿ˜‰

Three Types Of Forex Chart And How To Analysis Forex Market

Three Types Forex Charts

There are three types of forex chart. First is Barchart, secondly is candlestick, and the last is linechart. See pictures below : forex_chart_type .

Here are sample pictures to see on each type from forex chart : ๐Ÿ˜‰

forex_chart_barchart forex candlestick chart forex chart line chart

Common picture of forex chart below :

No Repaint Forex Indicators That Worthy To Try

non lagging forex indicatorsSometimes forex indicators are very important to take action for a scalpers or swing forex in getting best forex momentum trading signals as soon as possible. In this article we’ll share non lagging or non repainting forex indicators that worthy to try as our trading signals confirmation. Is because some forex traders still need forex indicators as confirmation before made a decision to entry positions to the forex market. Almost of forex scalpers using one minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes or maximum using one hours time frame confirmation as a signals on their forex analysis.

Even most of forex indicators is lagging or delay to give a signals but some forex indicators like stochastic combined with macd convergence or divergence very accurate enough for scalpers.ย 

Is Intraday Trading Similar With Scalping Forex ?

scalping-forex-strategy-guide-tutorial Forex scalping is easy and safe way to trading forex as long using trend following trading concept from big time frame but it have a big risk in forex scalping strategy if using counter trend strategy to entry the forex market. Sometimes forex scalping is similar with intraday forex trading because pips get usually can catch from 5-25 pips even more. Some forex scalpers only using macd and stochastic as over sold or over bought market indicator to entry positions to the forex market, at the end money management still to be the one of very good strategy to minimize the risk even we use very accurate forex trading system ever.

Kind Of Forex Expert Advisor

Types Of Forex EA

automated forex trading signals

Forex expert advisor is very important for a professional traders. Even some institution bought automatic forex trading software with expensive price. Why forex robot very important ?
Here some advantages from trading forex using forex automated software or called as forex robot that we can get :

  • 24/5 works for you, it means just install forex expert advisor on your vps , set and no need take all day long or all night long in front of your laptop to analyze forex chart patterns.
  • No emotion, it means we can moderate lot size management based safe,moderate or extreme depending on forex expert advisor setting parameters
  • Never missed signal to entry and exit from forex market of course.