Averaging Strategy On Sweet Spot

forex_averagingForex averaging is very safe strategy if we use tight money management. Very simple method using this averaging strategy use it on four hour time frame and find 2-5 equal candlestick. At this point you can start using your averaging strategy. Remember on this spot you can open and open position and off course calculate your lot with wise. You can use this strategy with trend following or counter trend. If counter trend using just little take profit.Here some example of sweet spot to start your averaging strategy : 😉averaging_strategyOnce again, only on h4 time frame this averaging strategy works. There’s so many forex averaging strategy on the internet, but none is works.

Only this method works. Usually i’ve use this averaging strategy combined it with scalping method.

averaging_forex_strategy gbpusd_averaging_strategy
best_forex_averaging_strategy forex_averaging_system
forex_averaging_accurate forex_average_profit

Here’s again more pictures of averaging forex trading strategy that you can analyze.


My best suggestion if you wanna trade with averaging trading style, just using strong support resistance from four time frame as averaging key levels.

See example pictures below :

averaging_sweet_zone averaging_equal_candlesticks
averaging_equal_candlesticks averaging_candlestick_pattern
averaging_forex_with_equal_candlestick forex_averaging_daily_range

Here based japanese candlesticks details 😉

Tips : Combined it with candlestick pattern on four hours time frame on every sweet spot. Sweet spot it means based 2-5 equal candlestick.
Happy practice using this averaging strategy.