Best Scalping Strategy

USD/CAD SELL 1.0390 – Didn’t quite get to the 1.0390 level, but market went as high as 1.0366 down to 1.0307 pre-news, showing strong accuracy to pre-news fundamentals. Once we get best scalping strategy, we have still to remember be wise with our money management.  And stay away from news that have big impact to the market like payroll.

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best_scalping_strategy_daily best_scalping_strategies

As my forex mentor said, still wise in using our lot size. Don’t be greedy and strict to the rule. Because the best scalping strategy it self have to be follow the rule entry and exit. Never breakout the scalping rule right?. And just for references about where levels we can use this scalping strategies ? the answer is on strong support resistance levels, it could be on higher high, higher low, lower high or lower low, and the best part of scalping trading techniques is read how market will go using candlestick reversal patterns it self.