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Dragon Trading Method

Dragon trading method little bit similar with inside bar trading technique. This dragon trading method only using high low close from marubozu candlestick. But little bit different because using high low from previous marubozu it self.

Insta Beauty Contest Part 2

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Insta Beauty Contest

miss_instaforex insta_beauty_contest

Instaforex India Chief

best_india_forex_broker Best forex broker in India is still instaforex broker. There is many prove a millionaire trade with instaforex broker. 🙂

How To Get Instaforex Mastercard


InstaForex broker offers its customers to order a prepaid bank card InstaForex MasterCard. It is associated with the account in a foreign bank (South America) and can be used as a universal method of money withdrawal from InstaForex trading account anywhere in the world. All operations with the prepaid card are totally confidential, no information is provided to a tax or regulatory authority of any country.

Instaforex Contest Weekly

Instaforex weekly , running contest on demo account and get real cash for the rewards.

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Instaforex Malaysia

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Instaforex Bonus

Get Instaforex bonus on every deposit!!.

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Best Mini Forex Brokers

One of good mini forex brokers is flexible deposit for all of forex traders in the world. Best forex brokers is still instaforex all the way. Fast deposit and fast withdrawal. Even we can trade using nano account in standard account using 1:1000 laverage.

Best Scalping Strategy

USD/CAD SELL 1.0390 – Didn’t quite get to the 1.0390 level, but market went as high as 1.0366 down to 1.0307 pre-news, showing strong accuracy to pre-news fundamentals. Once we get best scalping strategy, we have still to remember be wise with our money management.  And stay away from news that have big impact to the market like payroll.