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Identification Valid Support Resistance From Naked Chart


support_resistance_levelValid support resistance is the main analysis from trading forex. Because level support resistance is the same with supply demand technical analysis. Forex market have this rules. Like intraday trading is very excited if we knows the bouncing of level entry price. How to know the bouncing of this level entry price ? Surely using valid support resistance is a must. 😉

Calculate Entry Point Level With Fibonacci Retracement



Entry Level Based Fibonacci Retracement

Fibonacci retracement is very help full to calculate range before we make decision to trade because fibonacci retracement is very important to calculate the highest or lowest level from trending market. Off course fibonacci retracement need combined with other indicator to get accurate signal. Most accurate signal need 5 until 15 indicators that all confirmed before we take action on buy or sell position. Fibonacci retracement have a golden ratio at 1.618 or 61.8 point level. It mean on that point level usually price will bouncing. In other mean you can take action buy or sell on level 61.8 or 1.618 so it will minimize the risk of trading.