Kind Of Forex Expert Advisor

Type Of Forex EA

forex_expert_advisorForex expert advisor is very important for a professional traders. Even some institution bought forex expert advisor with expensive price. Why forex expert advisor very important ? there is some advantage from forex expert advisor that explained below :

  • 24/5 works for you, it means just install forex expert advisor on your vps and no need take all day long or all night long in front of your laptop or chart.
  • No emotion, it means you can moderate money management based safe,moderate or extreme depending on forex expert advisor setting
  • Never missed signal to entry and exit from forex market of course.

Forex expert advisor have many type based on trading strategy.There’s martingale, averaging, scalping, locking, trapping, swing with long term strategy, and some based on neural network or even there is arbitrage trading system too. From that type of strategy that can give a good consistent profit monthly is averaging combined with tight trailing system.

But, sometime martingale,scalping and the other forex strategy even give us more profit too. From each forex trading strategy have a different profit loss ratio. Example : martingale is more fast to create some pips than averaging or scalping but risk is always significant from reward right ?.
We need to understand what type are we. Is scalping traders? martingale traders or swing traders?. If we’ve found safety traders so we need to searching averaging forex expert advisor that suitable for you.


Here some little explanation about type from forex expert advisor :

  • Martingale ; It would be open double size lot or even triple size lot on each level price usually range based on several pips.
  • Averaging ; It means trade always open with fix lot based on several pips based on each signal on currently major trend.
  • Scalping ; It means trade only take several pips but with big lot size, usually not in news time or only at asia and sideways session

forex_eaSometime we need to take forex ea in our trading, example if we want to close only profit or only loss or even if we want to close all open orders and all pending orders with only drag forex ea to mainchart and enable it. We’ve forex ea too if you want too, you can see at or We use some martingale,averaging and scalping on several our forex expert advisor. 😉