Identification Valid Support Resistance From Naked Chart


support_resistance_levelValid support resistance is the main analysis from trading forex. Because level support resistance is the same with supply demand technical analysis. Forex market have this rules. Like intraday trading is very excited if we knows the bouncing of level entry price. How to know the bouncing of this level entry price ? Surely using valid support resistance is a must. 😉

support_resistance_uptrend_downtrend support_resistance_entry_sell
support_resistance_major support_resistance_basic

Basically, determine valid support resistance is very easy enough. Even from naked main chart from your platform. Usually professional forex trader reading validation of support resistance is from four hour time frame or one hour time frame and take action on small time using 30 or 15 minutes time frame and off course take action buy/sell using stochastic to minimize the risk. Test it with your self how this support resistance level is very important before we made decision to take buy or sell position.

Here is some pictures below for simple technical analysis from naked chart to analyze valid support resistance, so at the end we can reading physiological of forex market and almost a lot of trader using this techniques for scalping : 😉

support_resistance_stategy valid_support_resistance
support_resistance_techniques support_resistance_price_level
valid_support_resistance_buy support_resistance_levels
support_resistance_level support_resistance_indicator