Continuation Candlestick Patterns – In-Neck On-Neck & Thrusting

Bearish In-Neck, On-Neck & Thrusting Continues Patterns


Strong continuation On-Neck – Medium Continuation In-Neck – Weak Continuation Thrusting

We look for these bearish patterns in a down-trend within the context of continuation pattern. Don’t forget, this is not a reversal pattern but a continuation one. These patterns consist of two candles.

Bearish On-Neck candle pattern

We have a long bear candle as a first candle of the pattern. Normally we’d see some profit taking after a large candle but in this occasion profit taking [some retracement] doesn’t happen as the down-trend continues with the second bear candle of the pattern.

Bearish In-Neck candle pattern

Very similar first bear candle as in On-Neck candle pattern in a down-trend. However, second candle of the pattern starts as a bear candle but closes over the previous candle to produce a bull candle. In this occasion sellers decides to take some profit on the way down.

Bearish Thrusting candle pattern

Again we have similar long bear candle as the first candle of the pattern. The second candle starts similar to Bearish In-Neck one but it penetrates further into the first candle, about halfway but not above. It’s just that profit taking by sellers is bit more intensive.

The Bearish Thrusting Candle Pattern looks quite similar to bullish harami pattern but it’s much weaker one as bullish Harami closes above the midpoint of first candle.

Here some example On-Neck candle, In-Neck candle and Thrusting Candle.

Example Chart Of On-Neck Continuous Candlestick Pattern :

forex continuous patterns on neck

Example Chart Of In-Neck Continuous Candlestick Pattern :

Example Chart Of Thrusting Continuous Candlestick Pattern :

If we apply this rules of continuous candlestick pattern in our trading position, for sure we can get more pips. More over if we use this continuous candlestick pattern at least on one hour time frame. Lastly, after we share this explanation of candlestick pattern, we hope we can make more pips with consistency by using this simplicity of this supply demand trading concept combined with this candlestick patterns.

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