Forex Strategy Is A Must For Every Forex Traders

Forex strategy like a gun for forex traders. Forex market is uncertain world because there is many player in forex market. Even the forex broker it self trade their money in forex market. Almost 98% forex traders loss their money because using only gambling or feeling. Because of this, sometime forex have bad reputation from online making money. Forex market have knowledge it self that we as forex traders need to learn and practice each forex strategy and finally found favorite forex strategy to earn some money with consistent.

dolly_forex_strategy fibo_forex_strategy

Forex strategy is always need on every analyze before made decision to enter forex market. One of popular strategy is money management with tight stop loss and using maximum risk only 2% per entry.


Some forex traders using margin strategy combined with using low laverage.

forex_strategy_demo forex_strategy_eurjpy
forex_strategy_rsi forex_strategy_ema

Finally, the conclusion is each forex traders have to using their favorite forex strategy, it means forex strategy have to be tested before using on real money. Forex traders need to test forex strategy at least 1 year to get their consistent profit from forex market. Yes, patient is a must to test on every forex strategy. My suggestion using trendline, high low on H1, and fibo retracement and run test it on h4 time frame. This three parameter is one best forex strategy to trade on medium term. This is only suggestion, but you can searching a million forex strategy on the internet via forex forum or mql forum. If you follow forex rule from proven forex strategy and using tight money management you won’t loss your money again. Just follow the rule from your favorite forex strategy. And one of my best forex strategy that have proven until now is pinbar forex trading strategy. Of course this pinbar forex strategy just one from hundreds trading system that we can found in many popular forex forum.